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"Television created the word. Information and Commercials come together into one, know as Infomercials." Dozens of new infomercials appear weekly. The more popular infomercial products will run ads more than a few times. Get information on some of the best and hottest As-Seen-On-TV Products and read what others are saying about some of the As Seen On TV Products that we carry. Do you want to find out what is being said about a product you are considering purchasing? Find out how the product works, its usefulness and what you can accomplish using it. As Seen On TV Items are very popular and are found in many homes to make peoples lives more convenient and fun. Find out why these products are being purchased at a tremendous rate!

As Seen On TV Reviews

Banjo Minnow

I purchased the Banjo Minnow several years ago when it first came out. I didn't really believe in "TV lures," but the commercial was so good I had to give it a go. My cousin made fun of me for purchasing it and called it the "con-you-minnow." That was funny up until he ended up "borrowing" half of my kit because I was out-fishing him every single day at our summer cottage in Maine! I bought 3 more of the original kits after that and still have a few of those original minnows leftover. When I saw the Banjo 006 Minnow I had to have it immediately. Somehow, they really did make it better and I recommend this lure to absolutely everybody! I also appreciated the quick shipping and level of service. Kudos to you! ----- Matt, NH
Detox Foot Patches
Detox Foot Patches

The dark, hard, and sticky fluid left in the patches was an impressive indication that the patches were working. Continued use has helped me to sleep better, reduce pain in the feet and improve my health.  ---- Susan Hatch
American Fork, UT

GT Xpress 101

We’ve had our GT Xpress 101 for a couple of weeks now and we think it’s a great product. 
----- Sincerely, R Galusha 

Inside Approach

Inside Approach

"It’s one of the best training things that I’ve seen come onto the market in a long, long time. The Inside Approach will help you achieve a consistent pattern of solid shots." -----Dave Barr – Champions Tour

"The Inside Approach is the only product that I’ve ever bought in the golf business. And I’ve been a professional golfer for almost thirty years."----Ed Firori – Champions Tour

Ronco Showtime BBQ Grill

Ronco Rotisserie Pro BBQ Grill

"My story is a success story as well. I have a Showtime Oven from long ago. I am a dialysis patient so I must monitor good eating habits closley. I have sent many people on there way to purchase a Showtime Oven, as your product is a god send. My oven is 8-10 years old. I swear by this machine. It still makes fantastic food even as old as it is. Just wanted to say ""thanks"".....I am thinking of buying another one just to have if this one ever gives up!!!VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!"----
Brenda Goolsby - Age:47

"Your Showtime Rotisserie is a fantastic product that my family uses regularly (it's the only way to cook chicken!) Did you see the article in the Leisure section of the Wall Street Journal (Jan 14, 2005), titled, ""The New Spin Doctors""? It rates five similar products, including your Rostisserie. Their conclusion -- Showtime ranked (#1) Best Overall. ""We have to admit, it was even better than what we usually cooked in our regular oven, with the juiciest meat and the crispiest skin."" Couldn't have said it better myself!" Joseph Santoro - Age:45

True Ceramic Pro

I have purchased cheap flat irons, salon grade flat irons, and nothing has ever come close to the True Ceramic Pro. I am not an infomercial kind of person, but I just couldn't stand my hair anymore. Tons of thick, wiry, curly hair with no way to tame it. I gave this a try and couldn't be more pleased. My hair is softer than it has ever been! I don't even have to put any product in my hair before or after. No more frizz - even on a windy, humid day. I love it! I would be lost without it - I finally like my hair. ----HLM (Doylestown, PA)

Soft Lux Pillow
Soft Lux Pillow

Cindy Saucedo
Relieves Sleeplessness
“It's great when you're falling asleep, and you think to yourself, ‘I'm going to have a great night's sleep’.”

Patty Jaynes
Relieves Stress
“Now that I'm able to experience what it's like to have 7 or 8 hours of good sleep, I believe in this pillow. I love SoftLux™ because it really has made a transformation in my life.”

Javier Garza
Relieves Back Pain
“The first time I tried SoftLux™ I was amazed! It really felt like I was sleeping on air! I believe in this product. It really was a lifesaver for me.”


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