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Ron Popeil is an inventor of many infomercial products. Here are some products offered from Ronco online dial-o-matic, electric food dehydrator, inside-the-shell egg scrambler, pasta maker, pocket fisherman, showtime rotisserie, six star cutlery set, solid flavor injector and many more.

Ron "Ronco" Popeil is one of America's unique inventors. Over the past 40 years, his products have pulled in more than $2 billion in sales. Ron was voted by Self Magazine readers as one of the 25 people who have changed the way we eat, drink and think about food. And, he's still going strong. One of his latest inventions, the Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ, is selling by the thousands every week. 

Here are just a few of Ronco's Popular Products

 Ronco 6000 Showtime Pro Rotisserie Oven and BBQ

Ronco 3000 Showtime Compact Rotisserie and BBQ, Black

Ronco 'Showtime' Rotisserie and BBQ: Standard Model, Stainless Steel

Ronco 4000 Showtime Standard Size Rotisserie

Ronco Rocker Showtime 420J2 Stainless Steel 20-Piece Knife Set

Ronco Five-Tray Food Dehydrator

Ronco 'Showtime' Rotisserie and BBQ: Compact Model, Stainless Steel

Dial-O-Matic Dial-O-Matic
This is the one demonstrated on TV! It slices gourmet vegetables thinly and evenly. You can use it to shred cabbage for coleslaw, or make hundreds of potatoes into French fries in minutes. Use it for salads, snacks and all recipes that call for sliced vegetables or fruits!

Electric Food Dehydrator Electric Food Dehydrator
This is the most famous Food Dehydrator in the world! You've seen it on TV making delicious beef jerky, turkey jerky,  homemade yogurt, banana chips and apple snacks, dried pineapple, and much more. It comes with an instructional booklet with  recipes. Save money by buying fruits and vegetables when they're on sale and, because you dry them, they'll last up to 3  months in any sealed plastic bag. And, there's no waste. fruits, meats, and vegetables stored in your refrigerator too long  will spoil.
Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler
Scrambles the egg RIGHT IN THE SHELL! No need to stir the eggs for French toast and omelets. Perfectly blends an egg inside the shell in seconds. Just crack the eggs and you'll have even and no-lump coating around fried foods like Fried Chicken. Or boil the eggs for hard-boiled eggs with no yolk!

Popeil's Pasta Maker Popeil's Pasta Maker
The best-selling electric automatic fresh Pasta Maker in the world! It comes with 12 different pasta shapes (including  spaghetti, gnocchi, vermicelli, etc). You can make fresh, homemade pasta without any additives or preservatives. Create healthful, economical, and delicious homemade pasta in 5 minutes! Make fresh pasta in a flash!
Popeil's Pocket Fisherman Spin Casting Outfit Popeil's Pocket Fisherman Spin Casting Outfit
Spin Casting Outfit - This is the famous fishing pal that has thrilled generations! Double-flex rod is hinged into closed position when stored away. Simply unfold from this position until it snaps into fully extended position. Automatic Anti-Reverse prevents the handle from turning backwards. It's always ready for the fish to strike.

Showtime Standard Rotisserie Showtime Rotisserie
Fresh, healthful food has never been easier to prepare. With our three-hour automatic timer, you can spend less time cooking  and have more time for your active lifestyle. Available in white or black.
Six Star Piece Cutlery Set Six Star+ 25-Piece Cutlery Set
This Full Stainless Steel cutlery set has all the knives a home will ever need and is designed for the ultimate performance,  quality and durability. The Six Star+™ Cutlery Set is assured to last a lifetime and is covered by our FREE REPLACEMENT KNIVES FOR LIFE GUARANTEE. All Six Star+™ quality knives are assured to last the lifetime of the purchaser (or the lifetime
 of the person receiving them as a gift).  

Solid Flavor Injector Solid Flavor Injector
Use the solid flavor injector to inject nuts, herbs, olives, pineapple chunks, fresh or dried fruits, hot peppers, vegetable pieces, candy, chocolate chips (and just about anything else you can think of) into hams, leg of lambs, pork loin, roasts, turkey, breasts, cupcakes, cakes, and pastries.



1 Dial O Matic & 1 Bagel Cutter - Classic Collection
A special offer from Ronco! Get the Dial-o-matic and the Bagel Cutter and enjoy cutting and slicing food incredibly thin. You can cut bagel so thinly to create bagel chips and slice vegetables so thinly and evenly. Shred  cabbage for coleslaw or slice potatoes for French fries in minutes. Unleash the chef in you with the Classic Collection now. 

13-Piece and 22-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set
Ronco's cookware is designed with high quality 18/10 stainless steel. Each pot and pan has a mirror exterior finish that is  attractive and dishwasher safe while durable for all of your cooking needs. The superior features include a 4.0mm aluminum  encapsulated base that distributes heat evenly and provides a flat cooking surface. The tapered sides create a wider opening  making it easier to stir & pour; also and protects food from collecting in the corners and burning. The silicon handles were designed with convenience in mind so that you can put any of the pots or pans in the oven up to 380° F. 
Bagel Cutter
Now you can cut bagels, onion rolls, bialys and English muffins perfectly! Keep your fingers safe while you cut bagels evenly  and quickly. You can even cut them into perfect quarters with the bagel slats -- so thin they fit into a toaster. Make Bagel Chips - Bagel knife slices evenly and quickly.
Door Saver
Prevents dents and chips. Protects car doors from garage walls and other garaged cars. Free Car Stoppers included.  Car Stoppers are used to perfectly position your cars in the same spot every time by having the tassels touch your windshield.
The Flip-Its turn, lift, and serve. The only BBQ tool that could replace tongs, cooking forks, serving forks, and spatulas! This fantastic invention turns food over so easily in frying pans and on BBQ's. The Flip-Its protect your hand from hot spattering oil when turning foods over a frying pan, grill or outdoor BBQ. You'll get the small 15-inch Flip-It for your kitchen and the large 21-inch Flip-It for your kitchen or outdoor BBQ. Also included with the 2 Flip-Its is a half-pound container of Ron's award winning Char Rub.
GLH System
Colors: Auburn, Black, Blonde, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Silver Black, White
Great looking hair in a flash! Over 1 million cans sold! Gets rid of bald spots for men; solves thinning hair problems for women! The GLH Formula Number 9 Hair System is suitable for men and women with the following hair conditions: Small, Medium & Large Bald Spots; fine or thinning hair; gray appearing between colorings; hair transplant patients* (plugs, patches); users of Minoxidil and similar formulas* 
 Salesman of the Century
He put the Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator in almost two million kitchens-and sliced and diced his way into American cultural history. Now, for the first time, charismatic pitchman, Ron Popeil, reveals the upside and the downside of his most ingenious creation of all: his spectacular rags-to-riches life. But wait -- there's more! In The Salesman of the Century, the acknowledged king of the infomercial reveals how you can discover, market, and cash in on your own million-dollar idea.
Showtime Compact Rotisserie
Colors: Black & white
Fresh, healthful food has never been easier to prepare. With our three-hour automatic timer you can spend less time cooking and have more time for your active lifestyle. Available in white or black. 
Showtime Professional Rotisserie
Colors: Black & White
Fresh, healthful food has never been easier to prepare. With our three-hour automatic timer, you can spend less time cooking and have more time for your active lifestyle. Available in white or black.


SmartWare - Temperflex Bakeware Smartware Bakeware



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