Eggies Hard Boiled Eggs Maker

Eggies Hard Boiled Eggs Maker

Eggies is the hard boiled egg maker seen on tv.
Just crack, pour, boil and then twist.
Enjoy hard boiled eggs even more now using the eggies system.

Eggies makes cooking hard and soft boiled eggs easier. No more peeling eggshells. Have you ever peeled an egg only to lose most of the egg as you peel off the shell? With eggies, this is no longer a problem. You get to eat the whole egg without losing any of it.


Making hard boiled eggs can be hard work to get them just right. Now you can finally enjoy hard boiled eggs without peeling a single shell with the new Eggies System As Seen on TV Product.

Basically, you just crack the egg, drop the yolk & egg white into the Eggie, then boil on your stovetop or cooktop. Next step is to twist the eggie open for an ideal hard boiled eggs every time without the shell!

The convenient Eggies System gives you perfect, hard boiled eggs without the shells!

Now you no longer have to peel your hard boiled or soft boiled eggs. Eggies cook your eggs like an actual shell but the egg slides right out when you are completed. Eggie Systems are tremendous convenient, making them great for somebody preparing eggs. PLUS, the bottom of the egg comes out flat & not round, making it simpler to set your completed eggs on a plate, or to prepare deviled eggs & other dishes.

You can get creative cooking your eggs with the veggies. Add vegetables, spices, meat, cheeses, and spices. Cook perfect hard boiled and soft boiled eggs.

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