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Introducing Dramatic Differences, the ultimate styling solution for bad hair days.
Finally you can say goodbye to flat hair, hat hair, straight hair, stubborn, unmanageable, fine , or even too much hair, and say hello to the volume you want and the control you need.

Having another bad hair day? The problem isn't your hair. The problem is what you do with your hair.

Kimvo Moisturizing ShampooKimvo Moisturizing ConditionerKimvo Moisturizing Masque

Enrich with Silk Serum

The ultimate purifier for normal to dry, color-treated and aging hair. Silk polypeptides cleans dirt and impurities while replenishing moisture. Blue Lotus refreshes and rejuvenates the scalp and strands. ME-10 extends and enhances color. Leaves hair smooth, strong, soft and lustrous.

Nourish with Rice and Soy Peptides

A complete meal of rice and soy for your hair! Dehydrated, color-treated and aging hair is transformed froom root to end with a moisture-rich remedy. Wakame protects against free radical damage and UV rays. Meadow foam extract speeds drying time by sealing cuticles. Restores softness, silkiness and radiance without residue.

Replenish with Blue Lotus

A luxurious, intense rescue for even the most damaged, dehydrated and aging hair. Therapeutic antioxidants from Blue Lotus repairs and restructures hair and scalp. ME-10 protects color. Wheat protein optimizes manageability. Wakame shields hair from environmental toxins. The end result accentuates softness, silkiness and luminous shine.

 Kimvo Volumizing ShampooKimvo Volumizing ConditionerKimvo Volumizing Masque
Blossom with Essence of Wakame

Gently purify, fortify and amplify thin, fine and color treated hair. Silk polypeptides wash away impurities. ME-10 preserves color. Soy and rice peptides volumize hair weightlessly. Wakame, a rare seaweed, protects against free radical and sun damage. Gives thicker, fuller, bouncier hair with radiantly lustrous color.

Lift with Kimarine

Ultra light fullness! Each strand of sensitized and color-treated hair is renewed. Wheat protein repairs damaged cuticles. Soy and rice peptides amplify hair without residue. Kimarine, a rich marine botanical protects against free radicals and UV rays. Leaves hair full but supple, silky and lustrously shiny.

Embellish with Blue Lotus

A deluxe concentrated and innovative treatment revitalizes even the most flat, lifeless, lackluster hair. Blue Lotus strengthens and calms hair and scalp. Wheat protein adds featherweight volume and manageability. ME-10 enhances color. Wakame shields hair from UV rays and free radical damage. Restores luscious mane with vivid color and long-lasting radiance.

Hair Stylist Kim Vo
Kim Vo is one of a kind. An artist by choice and training, he has turned hair into his canvas.
 Born in Vietnam and raised in Europe and the United States, Kim eventually settled in Los Angeles where he trained at two top Beverly Hills salons, Christophe and Prive. In 2001 Kim opened the enormously successful and ever expanding B2V hair salon with a client base including dozens of celebrities in the film and television industry. In 2003, he joined the elite team of professionals on ABC's top rated reality series, Extreme Makeover, and soon became an audience favorite.

Dramatic Differences has shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring and more, all developed with love and attention to quality.

We know that after trying these products, you will want all of Kim's creations.

Kim Vo: Dramatic Differences
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We know you're anxious to start using your KimVO products.


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Kim Vo Dramatic Differences

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