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Infomercial housewares, electronics and cleaning products. Make those cleaning jobs easier. Vacuums, storage bags, stain removers, leather repair kits, furniture sliders, mini sewing machines and more. Get these products quicker than as seen on tv and find lower prices.

General Cleaning - Stain Removal - Clothing Accessories

5 Second Fix


Unlike adhesive and typical adhesives, 5 Second Fix allows you position and also reposition up until you want to make the weld permanent. There's no sticky mess and also you could also sand or paint to make like new!



Dutch Glow As Seen On TV Dutch Glow the Amish Wood Milk for Cleaning and Protecting Wood!

Amish Wood Milk Which is a 100 Year Old Formula is Called Dutch Glow

Dutch Glow is a century old furniture polish that was created to clean, polish, and nourish wood. With Dutch Glow you can reveal wood's natural beauty and remove years of wax build up.

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The Clapper Plus The Clapper Plus

The Clapper
is a device that is activated by sound sensory, and will turn on or off any two appliances plugged into it. The Smart Clapper itself is plugged into an outlet in your wall. When activated by the sound of your clapping, it will control up to two appliances and turn them on or off, depending on the number of times you clap.

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Hercules Hook Hercules Hook

The Hercules Hook is the easiest way to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves just about anything. Easy to install just twist, push and turn! No more drilling or pounding to try to find a stud - No more damaged walls!

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Ionic Pro - Ionic Air Purifier Ionic Pro - Ionic Air Purifier

Air Purifier - Ionic Pro. Why Pay more for Clean Air? Affordable - Quiet - Clean Air 24 Hours A Day This affordable Ionic Air Purifier offers the same benefits found in more expensive brands.

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liquid leather Liquid Leather Repair Kit

Liquid Leather the best leather and vinyl repair kit in the world today!

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Luma Candles

Luma Candles can set a romantic mood or can be very helpful if the power goes out during the night. These candles are unique because they are flameless and  are controlled by a remote.

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Oxiclean Products Oxiclean

Have you seen the infomercial with Billy Mays showing you how well oxiclean works on the laundry. He usually started off the commercial by saying "Hi Billy Mays here with oxiclean." Well did you know Oxiclean cleans much more than just your laundry. Oxiclean products clean kitchens, bathrooms and can tackle the toughest grease and grime all around your house inside and outside.

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Point N Paint Point N Paint

The revolutionary painting system that will have you painting an entire room in less than an hour. Throw out your old rollers and paint brushes and pick up the Point ‘n Paint.

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Snuggie Snuggie

Snuggie is made with super soft, thick, luxurious fleece with roomy, oversized sleeves that let you do what you want while still being totally wrapped in warmth. Perfect for men, women, and children!

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Sticky Buddy As Seen On TV Sticky Buddy

The Sticky Buddy works great on carpet, wood floors, clothing, furniture and more. The sticky roller that has the power of glue without the goo. Perfect for quick clean ups and works great on dust, hair and lint. Use it on all types of fabrics even suede and silk. And it doesn't leave any sticky residue. It has little rubber fingers that can reach deep into your carpet.

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