5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Type Glue As Seen On TV

5 Second Fix – Liquid-Plastic Welding Repair Tool, As Seen On TV

Unlike adhesive and typical adhesives, 5 Second Fix allows you position and also reposition up until you want to make the weld permanent. There’s no sticky mess and also you could also sand or paint to make like new!

Perfectly bond every little thing from plastic to metal, to divide wood and also busted glass!

It is really not a glue… it is synthetic that is liquid! 

Clear Adhesive Liquid 

5 Second Fix As Seen On TV is really a plastic material that is super is driven is the liquid combination you need to use to promptly make long-lasting seals and repairs.

As seen on TV 5 Second Fix allows you to faultlessly set from synthetic to steel, to divide lumber and glass that is in need of repair!

As opposed to glue and glues being typical 5 Fix that is second allows the position and positioning again until you find the result in the weld permanently. There is no mess that is gluey and sticky and you can and or paint to make product looking new again.

5 Second Fix is a flexible tool for almost any kind of household repair kit in the palm of your hand. Just apply the fluid plastic substance using the precision needle. Treat as well as seal the liquid with the connected UV light for a permanent bond.

Simply apply the liquid plastic, weld with the UV light as well as you’re done!

Flexible, sandable & paintable material dries clear so nobody understands it’s there.

Great for fixing glasses, precious jewelry, closing leaking pipelines, filling cracks as well as more.

Works on plastic, metal, ceramic, wood and glass. No sticky deposit. Can be reapplied and also changed numerous times. Dries out clear. Repair work cracked areas, torn chords, cables as well as more.