Abdominator Abs Workout Machine Intensity Controlled by You!

The Abdominator was designed to be multi-directional and works multiple muscle tissues or for an effective workout.


This design also allows performing exercises such as S-curves, figure 8, and arcs. Because the device requires little living area users can work out while watching TV with ease. Get better workouts!

s curve exercise

The abs tool is light-weight making traveling with it not a problem.  It weighs only four pounds so you can take along on business trips or perhaps in the back of a car or truck to keep fitness routines a priority while traveling.

Many Great Benefits of this Abs Wheel

  • Burn off fat, strengthen and sculpt
  • Ideal for newbies and advance
  • Get expert results from the personal privacy of one’s own household
  • Enjoyable and user-friendly
  • Concentrates on 11 various groups of muscles
  • Works on hardwood or carpeting in big or small location
  • Works your body’s entire range of flexibility
  • Targets numerous muscle tissues at the same time
  • Supports approximately 350lbs.

Awesome Overall Core Workout!

Looking for a greater overall core exercise? The AbDominator exercise ab wheel could be the resolution that is easiest for athletes of every health stage. Get a great complete core exercise using this ab wheel curler that is implausible. The AbDominator is a workout product that claims to help you achieve professional results in your living room, enabling you to engage some core muscles all at the same time.

As opposed to using your stomach muscles on its own, using the AbDominator you receive a comprehensive core exercise that also hits your back, legs, butt, and arms. Aided by the AbDominator, you control the intensity. The lightweight design associated with this abdominal machine means it can be transported very easily.

That you aren’t alone; thousands of other individuals just like you are also trying to hone in on the core and build those critical muscles, and targeted exercises like the ones you’d potentially do with the AbDominator are absolutely a crucial component on this process if you’re on the hunt for the six-pack, know.

By using a full range of movements, the product helps build a variety up of muscles. Grip and Push Grip the handles with your hands and push forwards keeping slowly your knees set up. The merchandise features two main handles connected by a central ball that is rolling. Pull Back without letting any part of your system touch a floor, then slowly back pull yourself into an upright position.  That’s all there is to it!

Get Those Six Pack Abs!