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3 Minute Legs 3 Minute Legs

The 3 MINUTE LEGS sculpting program is based on squats and lunges. They're two of the most important exercises you can do, because they activate some of the largest muscle groups in your body, burning fat and boosting your metabolism.

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Ab Coaster Abs Machine AB Coaster
Just a few minutes a day on the AbCoaster is all you need to get a lean fm

Ab Coaster puts you on the fast track to great abs! Forget neck and back pain you can get from other ab exercises like crunches.

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Ab Doer Twist Ab Doer Twist

The AB-DOer Twist is a complete waistline trimming system that trims and tones your abdominals, reduces your obliques and strengthens your back muscles while also giving you a massage and increasing the limberness of your entire midsection. Folds flat for easy storage.

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AbFlyer AB Flyer

The Ab Flyer is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the “top down,” the Ab Flyer™ works your abs from the “bottom up,” while limiting stress to your neck , back and shoulders.

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Ab Rocket Ab Rocket

With the Ab Rocket, you can lose weight, build muscle and give yourself the sexy body and confidence you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. the Ab Rocket helps you shape and sculpt your body in just minutes a day. Order The Ab Rocket As Seen On TV Abs Exercise Machine.

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Ab and Thigh Trainer Ab and Thigh Trainer

Cory Everson

The Ab & Thigh Trainer is designed to use core sculpting to tone your abs and thighs and promote weight loss. And with the Ab & Thigh Trainer, you'll see results in as little as 4 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Developed by Cory Everson - Ms. Olympia.

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Ab Swing Ab Swing

Work your abs from the bottom up. This special offer includes the revolutionary Ab Swing exercise unit, Sit-N-Swing Video, and instructional manual. The Ab Swing« System has made getting results quick and easy.

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Air Climber Brenda  Abs Machine Air Climber
Air Climber has Air Power Technology

With every step air flows from pedal to pedal, inflating the bellows and eliminating jarring impact to your joints. This same air power also helps you work out. It lifts your legs to keep you moving, and helps you get results faster than you ever thought possible.

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The Best Life Diet - Bob Greene The Best Life Diet - Bob Greene

Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet provides detailed exercises for all levels, so it's perfect for beginners and advanced levels. Bob helped Oprah take control of her weight now he can help you. Oprah's weight loss secret.

Order The Best Life Diet - Bob Greene

Body Burner Body Burner

The Body Burner is the perfect cardio workout to help you lose body fat, improve sports performance, better your yoga conditioning, boost explosive power, enhance your agility, balance and coordination, and stimulate your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Order Body Burner

Bowflex Max Trainer - The first very effective full body workout in just 14 minutes guaranteed.

Order Bowflex Blaze Home Gym
Bun and Thigh Roller
Bun and Thigh Roller

Firmer Buns & Thighs   
Developed by former Mr. America Dean Tornabene. The Bun and Thigh Roller exercise machine is a simple, fast, and easy way to tighten up your bun and thigh muscles. Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes for firmer buns and thighs!

Order Bun & Thigh Roller

Cardio Cruiser Body By Jake Cardio Cruiser

The Body By Jake Cardio Cruiser is like getting three workouts in one. This 3-in-1 body sculpting machine combines the comfort of a recumbent bike, the upper body toning motion of an elliptical glider, and the lower body action of a stair stepper.

Order Cardio Cruiser
Door Gym
Door Gym

Chin up bar that fits in most doorways.
The Door Gym stands head and shoulders above the competition. This versatile device can be set up in seconds on almost any door frame and lets you work out in the convenience of your own home or office.

Order Door Gym

The Firm Products Firm Products

The FirmTransformer - This new 5-in-1 piece of equipment will add variety and brand-new moves to the tried-and-true FIRM foundation! The exercises will target places and muscles you never knew you had!

Order Firm Products
Power Fitness Vibration Plate Fitness Vibration Plate

A hot new fitness trend. Vibration therapy. Fitness professionals are already experiencing the value and benefits of vibration training. According to Muscle & Fitness Magazine, vibration therapy is “on its way to becoming one of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning and easily is. The most important multi-purpose device in the fitness, health and wellness industries.”

Order Power Fitness Vibration Plate
FLex Belt Firm Abs Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is one of the first Ab Belt Toning system that has actually been cleared by the FDA for Toning, Firming and Strengthening the abdominal stomach muscles.

Flex Belt

The Gallopher Exerciser The Galloper Exerciser

Gallop Your Way To A Tight Firm Body. The Galloper Health Exerciser simulates the movements you experience while horseback riding -- but it does so with zero impact.

Order The Galloper Exerciser
Inversion Table Inversion Table

The Inversion Table is a fabulous way to allow the forces of gravity to work for you rather than against you as they do in the aging process. But to allow gravity to be at your advantage there are a few basics you need to understand about the laws of our environment and how they have such a great impact on our bodies.

Order Inversion Table

Jillian 90 Day Program

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program is Jillian's most comprehensive extreme weight loss system yet! The program consists of the smartest, most cutting-edge workouts that Jillian has ever put out on DVD, plus her scientifically proven state-of-the-art diet plan.

Order Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Leg Magic As Seen On TV Leg Magic

With Leg Magic you can target all your problem areas!
Most workout programs can’t target the areas you really want them to – your inner and outer thighs, buttocks, and abs. Leg Magic uses a unique lateral gliding motion, combined with gravity, to get right at those problem areas.

Order Leg Magic
P90X« Plus P90X Extreme

With The P90X workout program you can get ripped abs in just 90 days! The Power 90X is the ultimate home fitness program.

The P90X workout program gives you 12 heart-pumping workouts for you to perform The most hardcore and complete home workout program you’ll ever own Can transform your body into a lean, mean muscle machine.

Order P90X

Richard Simmons Project Hope


Richard Simmons Project H.O.P.E. is based upon the science of Triple Training, which sequences cardio and toning workouts to maximize weight loss.

Order Richard Simmons Project Hope

Total Gym

Total Gym, recommended by Chuck Norris as well as Christie Brinkley, is actually the best home gym on the market. With the Total Gym you can use over 80 workouts this is actually like possessing an entire gym full of exercise hardware in merely one piece of equipment. This simply takes 10-20 mins a day to improve your physique.

Order TaeBo T3

Urban Rebounder

Bounce, Build and Burn.
In just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week
, the Urban Rebounding Workout melts pounds of fat away, without any pain or stress on your joints. And it’s so much fun it’s the first exercise you’ll actually look forward to!

Order Urban Rebounder

Urban Rebounding Videos
Winsor Pilates Circle

Winsor Pilates. Infomercial with Daisy Fuentes. Sculpt your body slim. Mari Winsor's guidance in improving your physical appearance through Pilates exercise.

Order Winsor Pilates Circle

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