South Beach Diet Low Carb Weight Loss Foods

South Beach Diet

Start losing weight, eating delicious foods, and feeling great about your South Beach body.

The South Beach Diet™ is not low-carb or low-fat. Instead, the South Beach Diet™ teaches you to change the balance of food you eat to emphasize health and weight-loss! You’ll do away with bad carbs and bad fats, and start eating good fats and good carbs.

Lose weight and get in the best shape of your life! With a flexible meal plan with healthy options, you’ll look and feel your best!

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It all started when Miami cardiologist Arthur Agatston wanted to find a way for his heart patients to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. His research at Mount Sinai Medical Center became the foundation for the diet that became a phenomenon – especially in South Florida: home of string-bikinis and speedos.

During the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet™, you’ll learn how to eat in a new way. Whether you’re shedding a few vanity pounds or working on a major weight-loss goal, this is the realistic and delicious way to start losing your extra pounds.

During the next phase of your diet, you’ll begin adding back some of the foods you cut during the first two weeks. You’ll be adding them back in a healthy way, though. By eating the right balance of carbs, you’ll continue losing weight instead of gaining it!

The South Beach Diet™ can be your solution for permanent weight-loss. Unlike diets that offer short-term weight-loss, the South Beach Diet™ teaches you a healthy way to eat for life. Once you reach your ideal weight, you are able to add even more foods back into your daily meals. When you get to this point, you’ll notice that this plan feels less like a diet and more like a way of life. You’ll be eating normal foods in normal-size portions, just rebalanced to keep your weight exactly where you want it.

What will you eat on the South Beach Diet?

Say goodbye to diet food. On the South Beach Diet™, you’ll look like you diet, but eat like you don’t!
You’ll sit down to dishes like Spicy Seared Tuna, Chicken Ceasar Salad, and Roasted Portobello “Pizza.” Enjoy grilled fish and steak, roasted chicken and vegetables, and fresh, Miami-style salads. Having doubts? Don’t. The diet even includes dessert, snacks, and fast food options.
This is a diet anyone can love – whether you’re into fast food, home-cooking, or eating at the trendiest new restaurants.

South Beach Low Carb Diet