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As Seen On TV Cooking and Kitchen Items. Create fresh healthy food easily. Prepare, bake, barbeque, broil, air fry, air broil, grill, roast, and steam to lock in the true flavor of the food with our products. Cook everything from frozen dinners to steak, to a 12 pound turkey. Enjoy healthier meals, with natural food juices and flavors sealed in. Turn cabbage into coleslaw or potatoes into french fries. Press your own crab cakes and burgers, or make your own gourmet sausage. Vegetable platters can be created in less than a minute. Make gourmet meals in minutes. With the products below cooking in the kitchen is easier and healthier than ever. Great low prices and most products ship right away.
As Seen On TV Grills As Seen On TV Kitchen Gadgets


Bottle Tops Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops the incredible, convenient, snap-on attachment that turns your open beverage can onto a re-sealable bottle in seconds!

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CHef Basket Chef Basket

Bottle Tops the incredible, convenient, snap-on attachment that turns your open beverage can onto a re-sealable bottle in seconds!

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Eggies System Eggies System - Cook Hard Boiled Eggs No Shells

Eggies makes cooking hard and soft boiled eggs easier. No more peeling egg shells. Have you ever peeled and egg only to lose most of the egg as you peel off the shell? With eggies this is no longer a problem. You get to eat the whole egg without losing any of it.

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FlavorWave Oven FlavorWave Oven

Bakes, Broils, Air Fries...
Bakes, broils, air fries, grills, roasts, and steams to lock in the true flavor of the food. Using convection, conduction, and infrared heat, it cooks faster than a conventional oven or a microwave.

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GT Xpress 101 GT Xpress 101

The Gt Xpress 101 is an express cooking system. 

Its non-stick, dual-cooking chambers cook from the top and the bottom, so there's no need to turn your food. The built-in thermostat controls the temperature.

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Health Master by Montel Williams HealthMaster

The Health Master truly is a kitchen appliance breakthrough. It's more than just a blender - it's designed to be a powerhouse of health. You can make anything from ice cream to soups in minutes. With the bonus recipe books and eating plan you will see how simple it is to eat healthier.

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Miracle Blade Perfection Series Miracle Blade

Last Knives You Will Ever Need! 

Selected Miracle Blade knives now have a convenient control ball added on top of the blade making these our easiest to use, most comfortable and safest knives ever! This ingenuous design makes chopping, dicing, and mincing a snap! 

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Orgreenic Orgreenic Cookware

With orgreenic cookware get healthy with natural ceramic non stick cookware. No more oil, fat & grease. No more chipping and peeling. Just one great frying pan. 

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Perfect Tortilla Perfect Tortilla

The best and easiest way to make your own tortilla bowls. Add taco salads, desserts, fruits or what ever your pleasure inside these taco bowls you can eat.


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Ronco Showtime BBQ Grill Ronco Rotisserie Pro

Set It and Forget It   White or Black
The rotisserie is energy efficient and cooks food in less time than a conventional oven. With your Ronco Rotisserie Pro you can cook chicken, hamburgers, steak, hot dogs, prime rib, kaboobs and more. Set it and forget it!

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Slap Chop Vince Offer Slap Chop

Slap Chop - Prepare Meals in Half the Time Dice, chop and mince in seconds with Slap Chop. With every slap, the finer the food gets while never switching the blade. Slap Chop easily pops open like a butterfly for easy access while cleaning - dishwasher safe.

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Smart Spin Smart Spin

Storage System for Containers
SmartSpin is a storage system to organize containers and lids all in less than one square foot. And with Smart Spin you can organize ALL your storage needs in less than 1 square foot! This is the space-efficient storage solution you've been waiting for!

Order Price: $19.99

Xpress Redi Set Go Xpress Redi Set Go

The Xpress Redi-Set-Go cook, fry, bake, steam and grill for oven quality results in microwave time! The xpress redi set go is the red grill you see advertised on television with Cathy Mitchell.

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