WonderCooker Chef Tony - One Cooker

Wonder Cooker Slow Cooker Chef Tony

The WonderCooker is a great slow cooker and the latest kitchen invention from the world famous Chef Tony!
It is tabletop all in one wonder cooker. As Seen On TV!

The wonder cooker slow cooks,steams,grills and is even a deep fryer. This table top oven is very versatile. Whether you need a slow cooker for those delicious stews and soups;asteamer for unbelievably delicious fish and crunchy-fresh vegetables;agrill for sautéing,or even a fryer for incredibly tasty fried chicken or even homemade doughnuts,the WonderCooker is the most versatile and convenient table top cooker you will ever own! It is very versatile and does way more than a crockpot alone!

Chef Tony Wonder CookerTM is six appliances in one!
Grill,roast,slow cook,flash fry,steam and sautZ - all in one
appliance. Chic and compact,fits easily on the counter.

Features a rack for 2-layer cooking,adjustable temperature with easy-read dial,non-stick surface and a snug lid.
Comes with FREE BONUS Flowering-Onion Slicing Guide and Fondue Forks (set of six).

So whether you want to grill, sauté, steam, boil, slow-cook, or even deep fat fry, the WonderCooker does it all!
Why use extra pots and pans and messy up the entire kitchen, when the
WonderCooker can do hundreds of amazing meals for up to six adults, all in one easy to use device!

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Check out this amazing cooker The
WonderCooker tabletop oven.