Walk Away Abs - Leslie SansoneWalk Away Abs

Leslie Sansone 's latest infomercial, Walk Away the Pounds™ for Abs introduces you to a workout regime which will burn calories by getting you moving like never before.

Walk Away the Pounds Deluxe 2-Pack includes:

Super Challenge - If you like a challenge and don' t have a lot of time,then this video is for you. Join Leslie in this fun,fast-paced and challenging workout that takes only 15-minutes. The best thing is,you can do it in the comfort of your home. Get ready!

10-Minute Ab Buster - This will be the best 10-minute ab workout you 've ever tried. Leslie guides you through this powerful workout that will help you get tight and toned abs with added resistance from the Walk Away™ Belt. Got 10 minutes? Do the 10-Minute Ab Buster

"Walking in your home is simply the most effective way to get in shape!!!"

"Fitness shouldn' t be intimidating"isLeslie Sansone 's philosophy for exercise programs, and it' s been the foundation of what has become the fastest growing indoor fitness program in the country: Walk Aerobics

The owner of Studio Fitness in New Castle,Pennsylvania,and the originator of Walk Aerobics,Leslie was determined to develop a conditioning program for the vast number of people who found aerobics intimidating or overly strenuous.
"Iwould rather speak to the person who is having trouble with motivation and hasn't exercised in years."

Lose Weight - Increase Energy - Be Healthy
Reduce Anxiety - Lower Cholesterol

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