Wagtail Mop

The award-winning
Wagtail Pivotool is a mop,a professional-quality window cleaner and absolutely the best all-around cleaning tool you’llever use! The Wagtail actually makes it fun to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs!

Until now,your Wagtail has only been available to professional hospitals,schools and commercial cleaning services in Australia where it was created. But now,the Wagtail Pivotool is sweeping the nation with a whole new way to clean. So grab the cleaning wonder from down under and make a clean sweep of your home today!

The secret to your cleanest home ever
Only Wagtail traps dirt,grime and grease at a microscopic level and then goes back to clean up all the unseen water and dirt that every other mop leaves behind. No need for harsh chemicals or expensive replacement pads—ever! That’sbecause only Wagtail utilizes a breakthrough micro-fiber and power squeegee technology to clean the floors,windows,walls and flat surfaces of your home--leaving them deep-down clean and bone-dry.

How Does it Work?

First,with just a spritz of water and a drop of dishwashing detergent,the ultra-absorbent,high performance Micro-fiber Pad swoops into action,grabbing all the dirt and grime at a microscopic level,loosening and lifting it in seconds.

Next—“justflip it and click it”andthis is what makes the
Wagtail unique-- the world’sonly built-in power squeegee thoroughly rounds up all of the unseen water and dirt that every other mop--including the leading micro-fiber mops—leavesbehind.

You’releft with the cleanest floor you’veever had,bone-dry and ready to walk on. And--only Wagtail does all this in one easy action---without harsh chemicals or expensive replacement pads.

Filthy floors? Dirty windows? No problem.

With its Wagtail action,it easily maneuvers into the tightest spaces with just the twist of the wrist. Easy as 1-2-3 you’llclean out dirt and dust from places you usually can’tget to without crawling on your hands and knees or getting on a ladder.

One day in Australia,a professional window cleaner named Willie Erken was struck by the thought that leads to all great inventions—there’sgot to be a better way to do this. After alot of experimentation the wagtail system was invented.

Then just throw the exclusive re-useable Pad into the washer. The Wagtail is like an all-new mop every time you use it.

Wagtail System



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