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Verseo leads the way in making the removal of unwanted hair easy,painless,and permanent! They have hair removal products that are clinically tested and proven to remove hair permanently. Their unique selection of products will leave your skin silky and smooth without nicks,cuts,or burns.

Remove Unwanted Hair Forever!

DUET 2-in-1 Epilator &Shaver,ePad,ePad Gel,ePen,ePen Professional,Facial Trimmer,Portable Hair Remover

DUET 2-in-1 Epilator & Shaver DUET 2-in-1 Epilator &Shaver
With your new Verseo DUET you can quickly and effectively remove hair from the root. The Verseo DUET removes hair from your arms,legs,and other large surface areas of your body.
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ePad ePad
The Verseo ePad has been clinically tested and proven safe for permanentand painless hair removal. EPad treats large areas by with our adhesive pads... all in just one treatment.

ePad Plus Gel and Dispenser Kit ePad Plus Gel and Dispenser Kit
Permanently remove unwanted hair from your legs and other large areas of your body with the ePad. Its special design and extra large body pads remove hair quickly and painlessly.

ePen ePen
The Verseo ePen uses the same technology used by professionals in salons and spas. E-Pen will treat one hair at a time or will treat larger areas by using our adhesive pads….all in just one treatment.

ePen Professional ePen Professional
Removes facial hair,shapes eyebrows,upper lip,legs,bikini line and back. Self-adhesive body pads remove hair from larger areas. Features an automatic buzzer/timer,built-in skin sensor for conductivity,and LED indicator light.
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Facial Trimmer Facial Trimmer
This Facial Trimmer gently trims hair while keeping the blade away from your skin. Its sleek design makes it easy to hold and control so you can touch up any area exactly the way you want.

Portable Hair Remover Portable Hair Remover
This hand held hair remover safely eliminates hair instantly and gently from below the surface of the skin. No nicks or cuts and it does not require the use of any cold,messy creams.

DUET 2-in-1 Epilator &Shaver,ePad, ePad Plus Gel and Dispenser Kit, ePen,ePen Professional,Facial Trimmer,Portable Hair Remover

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