Restore Natural Hair Color!


Restore Your Hair Color! Applying the lotion every day to the dry hair progressively gives it back it 's original color!

With it' s reinvigorating action,GreyBan gives the hair back it 's youthful look with a laboratory tested capillary treatment. Applying the lotion every day to the dry hair progressively gives it back it' s original color.
GreyBan doesn 't need any special precautions and nobody will realize that you are treating your hair if you use it for 7 - 14 days. Your hair will also regain volume and vilality GreyBan doesn' t make the hair greasy and doesn 't irritate the skin. After treatment occasional periodic use will keep your hair looking naturally young.

Clinical Results

The analysis of photographic images shows the very clear effectiveness.

The proportion of grey hair which has regained it' s original coloration reaches 42% after 14 days and 82.3% after 28 days treatment.


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Greyban - Product To Restore Natural Hair Color.
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