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Feel your best with Verseo Health and Beauty products that enhance your body and enrich your spirit. From beautiful nails to a more shapely and toned chin,from sexy full lips to leaner softer more supple hips and thighs,Verseo provides affordable quality products that will have you looking and feeling your best! Looking good means feeling Good!

Eight Hour Line Eraser, Hot Lashes Heated EyeLash Curler Kit,Prenatal Heart Listener,Sleep Mate Dual-Speed Sound Conditioner, Breast Forms, Cellu Gone,Velform Night Wrap,Velform Chin Wrap, Velform Arm Wrap, Velform Contour Wrap Cream System, Luscious Lip Plumping Serum,Nail Dome,Oxygen Facial System, Perfect Profile,Roller Cell Massage System, Fortifying Nail Builder, Cosmetic Light Up Mirror, Fungus RX

Eight Hour Line Eraser Eight Hour Line Eraser
Immediately remove puffiness,wrinkles,and lines,sealing them away for 8 to 12 hours. Other line erasers only lessen future wrinkles. Eight hour line eraser actually temporarily removes existing wrinkles.
Breast Forms Breast Forms
Increase your bustline up to 2 full cup sizes! Verseo Breast Forms bounce,move,feel and weigh the same as real breasts,but nobody will know you 're wearing them but you. Wear these comfortable forms with any underwire bra. Just slip them between the bra and breast, no special tape or adhesive is needed.

Velform Night Wrap Velform Night Wrap
The Velform anti-cellulite system is based on body bandage treatments recommended in beauty salons. Body-bandaging is a popular beauty treatment that reduces cellulite and fights other problems. It helps in the case of tired legs, circulation problems and also liquid retention, which many women suffer from.
Velform Chin Wrap Velform Chin Wrap
Velform Chin Wrap, which reduces and reaffirms the chin, leaving it firm and taut. Apply the reaffirming reducer gel all over the chin including part of the neck.
Velform Arm Wrap Velform Arm Wrap
The Velform Arm Wrap treatment tones and firms the upper arms. It comprises a 200 ml reaffirming gel with rosa mosqueta oil and extract of gotu kola active ingredients- a unique and effective formula which achieves excellent results.
Velform Contour Wrap Cream System Velform Contour Wrap Cream System
The Velform® Contour Wrap Reaffirming Cream System is enriched with scientifically proven natural ingredients, including the miracle plant Aloe Vera. It helps you lose inches from your waist and tummy area, while at the same time restoring the suppleness of your skin.
Oxygen Facial System Oxygen Facial System
Nourish, Cleanse, and Rejuvenate your Skin!

The Verseo Oxygen Facial System features an oxygen pen, that when placed close to the skin, ionizes the air creating ozone.

Roller Cell Massage System Roller Cell Massage System
A unique multi function massager - featuring such advanced features as especially contoured motorised rollers, Active Air suction, deep heat and vibro massage. This technology is unique to the Verseo Rollercell and is not even available in professional beauty salons.
Fortifying Nail Builder Fortifying Nail Builder
Put the all natural power of calcium fluoride to work for you...
Calcium fluoride helps fortify and protect nail cells to give you longer, stronger, sexier nails!
Fungus RX Fungus RX
Verseo' s maximum strength formula,Fungus RX,contains an active ingredient,Tolnaftate,registered with the FDA to help control fungus growth. This topical antifungal treatment used daily will prove effective over time to eliminate discoloration on finger and toe nails.

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