Soft Lux PillowSoft Lux Pillow - Temperature Control Pillows

SoftLux Unequalled comfort,support,and temperature control in one unique pillow.

As Seen on TV This therapeutic,hypoallergenic pillow adjusts to your head,neck and shoulders,keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

The amazing SoftLux pillow is designed for comfort,support,and perfect temperature control,promoting sleep filled nights and happier days.

Every SoftLux PackageIncludes:
One therapeutic SoftLux pillow,measures 18x13x3 inches
The SoftLux Home Spa Treatment Gift
One Sleep Guide Tip Booklet

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Soft Lux PillowThe Soft Lux Pillow

The amazing SoftLux™pillowis designed for comfort,support,and perfect temperature control,promoting sleep filled nights and happier days. Every package includes:

One therapeutic SoftLux™pillow;
The SoftLux "HomeSpa Treatment Gift"withtwo SoftLux Eye Masks (Eye Shade Light Blocker and Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Mask)
One Sleep Guide Tip Booklet, "Twenty Secrets to a Better Night's Sleep"
A 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
A 10 year durability warranty

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Reviews The Soft Lux Pillow

Cindy Saucedo
Relieves Sleeplessness
“It's great when you're falling asleep, and you think to yourself, ‘I'm going to have a great night's sleep’.”

Patty Jaynes
Relieves Stress
“Now that I'm able to experience what it's like to have 7 or 8 hours of good sleep, I believe in this pillow. I love SoftLux™ because it really has made a transformation in my life.”

Javier Garza
Relieves Back Pain
“The first time I tried SoftLux™ I was amazed! It really felt like I was sleeping on air! I believe in this product. It really was a lifesaver for me.”

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Soft Lux Pillow - Temperature Control