Ronco Showtime Rotisserie

Set It and Forget It!
Ronco™Rotisseriefrom Popeil Inventions

Energy efficient it cooks food in less time than a conventional oven. With your Ronoco Showtime can cook chicken,hamburgers,steak,hot dogs,prime rib,kaboobs and more. Set it and forget it! Ronco Rotisserie Pro. The Ultimate Ronco Rotisserie is energy efficient it cooks food in less time than a conventional oven. With your Ronoco Showtime can cook chicken,hamburgers,steak,hot dogs,prime rib,kaboobs and more. Set it and forget it!

Order Ronco Showtime Platinum Rotisserie

Slow-roast amazing prime rib,cook delicious salmon or any one of your favorite dishes and have your family and friends begging for your secret recipe! Meet Ron Popeil 's smallest, most compact Showtime Rotisserie Oven — the original Set-It-And-Forget-It rotisserie oven.

Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ Oven

The Ultimate Ronco Rotisserie

For many years, thousands of people have cooked like a pro with the ingenious Ronco Rotisseries designed by the legendary Ron Popeil! Everything from chicken to steak to fish can be cooked like a pro with a Ronco Rotisserie!
Never content, Ron Popeil is always looking to improve on his classic rotisserie product. Making it faster, easier to use and more convenient and economical is a trademark of all Ronco products!

Meet Ron' s smallest,most compact Showtime™Rotisserie—theoriginal "Set-It-And-Forget-It"rotisserieoven. The Compact Rotisserie is a delicious alternative for those people with limited counter space,or simply on a budget. The Compact model is sure to be an excellent and tasty addition to a boat or recreational vehicle,and with it 's small footprint it' ll fit just about anywhere. This package provides you the basic accessories you need to start you on your way to great rotisserie cooking.

Cook more food faster
A time consuming part of cooking any meal is the fact that you first have to prepare and cook the appetizer before you have to prepare and cook the main course. Because you have limited oven or stove space,you have to spend hours and hours cooking. The Ronco Rotisserie unique design does not take up too much counter or kitchen space!

Ron Popeil BBQ Grill Rotisserie

Set it and forget it

Order Ronco Showtime Platinum Rotisserie

Order and More Info Ronco Showtime Platinum Rotisserie

Roast Chicken with Lemon Herb Rub - A Tasty Creation Using Your Showtime BBQ Grill
Minced rind of 2 lemons
 5 cloves garlic,minced
 1 tablespoon,dried thyme,finely crumbled
 2 teaspoons dried rosemary,finely crumbled
 2 teaspoons dried sage leaves,finely crumbled
 1 3-1/2 to 4 pound whole chicken
 Saltand freshly ground pepper

In a small bowl or with a mortar and pestle combine lemon,garlic,and herbs to form a slightly moist paste. Wash the chicken and dry thoroughly,inside and out. Loosen the skin across the breast and then down around the leg and thigh using a chopstick or your fingers. Work the seasoning mixture under the skin and into the meat of the breasts,legs and thighs and all over the outside skin as well. Season the cavity of the chicken with salt and pepper. Using an Elastic Food Tie,truss the chicken. Place the chicken on the Spit Rods for 55 to 60 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F on the instant thermometer inserted in the thigh meat. Remove chicken and cut into pieces and serve. (Tip: If you are rotating two chickens at a time, skewer them side by side on the Spit Rods and increase the time to 1 ˝ hours.) Serves 3 to 4.


Judy Carver - Age:22

“I lost 45lbs. in 6 months.”

Crystal Smith - Age:18
“I lost 10pounds in 30 days.”

John Reese - Age:65
“Ron I bought the Big rotissere oven 3 years ago. Last nite I put a portobello mushroom wrapped Pork roast in my over for 90 minutes or 18 minutes a pound and what a wonderful taste when it was done. My son and I ATE HALF THE 5 POUND ROAST AT ONE MEAL IT WAS THAT GOOD.”

Matthew Irvin - Age:80
“We have owned your standard Showtime for several years now, and, having just sampled its latest triumph - a fantastic standing rib roast - can tell you that this appliance has been the most satisfactory I have ever owned, and that covers a lot of territory. It has never failed to give us the best of anything we have prepared in it.”

Genya Zelkowitz - Age:57
"I know I watched the show a few times and I thought, ' yeah yeah' then I said, let me try it anyway ( a year later) now I have it, I made two dishes and I am raving about it. I made a roast beef, it was so delicious, I don't like meat the next day, but this kept its flavor. AmazingTonight I made chicken. Not to imitate someone from the Sat. Night Live show but IT WAS LIKE BUTTER' thank you so much.”

Earl Simpson - Age:17
"I lost four pounds in twenty-one weeks! Ronco Rotisserie Pro Rotisserie THANK YOU for changing my life! I love the delicious tastyness in every meal I get with the routisserie oven. HOW CAN I BE IN YOUR INFOMERCIAL AUDIANCE? THANK YOU RONCO I LOVE YOU"

Brenda Goolsby - Age:47
"My story is a success story as well. I have a Showtime Oven from long ago. I am a dialysis patient so I must monitor good eating habits closley. I have sent many people on there way to purchase a Showtime Oven, as your product is a god send. My oven is 8-10 years old. I swear by this machine. It still makes fantastic food even as old as it is. Just wanted to say ""thanks"".....I am thinking of buying another one just to have if this one ever gives up!!!VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!"

Joseph Santoro - Age:45
"Your Showtime Rotisserie is a fantastic product that my family uses regularly (it's the only way to cook chicken!) Did you see the article in the Leisure section of the Wall Street Journal (Jan 14, 2005), titled, ""The New Spin Doctors""? It rates five similar products, including your Rostisserie. Their conclusion -- Showtime ranked (#1) Best Overall. ""We have to admit, it was even better than what we usually cooked in our regular oven, with the juiciest meat and the crispiest skin."" Couldn't have said it better myself!"

Chuck Walker - Age:34
"This isn't a weight loss story (not yet anyhow) but I could find no link for a testimonial so I just used this. Anyhow, I am an avid griller an barbequer. I've always been proud of my slow-cooked tri-tip and it has always gotten praise from others. When I purchased a showtime rotisserie to use in an apartment while I'm between houses, I decided to try making a tri-tip, I expected good results but nothing on par with my barbequed version. I was dead wrong. I used my normal dry rub applied the night before and the showtime turned out a succulent, juicy, tender tri-tip far beyond my expectations. The meat was full of flavor and almost melted in the mouth. With a little tweaking of the rub and maybe the addition of liquid smoke, it may be just as good as my outdoor, slow-cooked and smoked version. Plus, it only took 40 minutes! I am impressed to say the least. I'll never give up the outdoor version but I will definitely fall back on the Showtime when outside is not an option or time is a factor.In fact, I am so impressed that you can use my testimonial and name; I'll even say it in person on an infomercial. I like the rotisserie that much."

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