Quik Brite

Quik Brite

Get out of the dark and get into the light!
Quik brites are long lasting,automatic and are activated by motion.
Fits anywhere you need extra light!

There are many areas of your house where you’dlove to add more light. Drawers,cupboards,cabinets,closets and shelves –allare tight,compact areas that could use a bit more light to help you see clearly and quickly locate the items you’relooking for.

Now trying to install lights and switches in those tight areas can be difficult and very expensive. But the extra light would be so handy and helpful too. But you don’twant to spend the time,money and effort needed to drill,install wires and switches either.

Your extra light solution is here!
Quik Brites are the easy to install lights that you place anywhere you need extra light. In just seconds,you’llturn that dark corner into a brightly lit area that’seasy to access.

Incredibly easy to install

You won’tneed any tools to install Quik Brites,so you can put away the hammer and screwdriver!

All you need to do is peel the back of the Quik Brite and stick it wherever you need the extra light.

Quik Brites are completely automatic. That means that once they’reinstalled,they turn on and off automatically with simple movement! Let’ssay you peel and place a Quik Brite in a drawer. When you open the drawer,the light turns on,and when you close it,the light turns off automatically!

It’sthis smart technology that keeps your
Quik Brite bulb lasting longer and brighter than other conventional lights!

The power of 10

For only $14.99,you’llget 10 Quik Brite lights to install anywhere and everywhere in the house where you want to bring extra light!

You can place them in your medicine cabinet,under the sink,in your toolbox –whereverextra light is needed,you can quickly and easily bring it there with Quik Brites! And for only $14.99,you’llreceive 10 Quik Brite mini lights!

BONUS! Free Swivel Spots with your order!

When you order your 10 Quik Brites for just $14.99,you’llreceive 2 tap-on swivel spots absolutely free.

Just tap the swivel spot for another source of instant light. Then,rotate the swivel spot 360° to focus the light exactly where you want to!

The swivel spots are a great way to add some decorative lighting to your cabinets or curios and are absolutely FREE when you order your pack of 10 Quik Brites for only $14.99!


Easy to install
Long lasting
Automatic –activatedby motion
Fits anywhere you need extra light


10 Quik Brite lights
BONUS! 2 Free Swivel Spots

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