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Surveillance and recordingequipment. Great high technology gadgets for spying projects. Set up a surveillance system to protect your home and the ones you love. Monitor the baby 's room. See who is at your front door before you open it. Great products to help improve the safety of your home or office.

2 Way Radio Wristwatch, Orbitor Electronic Listening Device, Micro Wireless Video Camera
2 Way Radio Wristwatch 2 Way Radio Wristwatch
Built-In Walkie Talkie! 
This high-tech watch has a built-in 22-channel walkie talkie with a range of 1.5 miles. It' s ideal for keeping in touch with family and friends. Take it with you anywhere,and your entire group can stay in constant contact with each other.

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Orbitor Electronic Listening Device Orbitor Electronic Listening Device
Listen to and record sounds from over 300 feet away with the Orbitor Electronic Listening and Recording Device. Record bird chirps or other faint sounds for later playback or transfer to tape. Features a viewfinder with cross-hairs for finding and centering the target. Includes compact,lightweight headphones.
Price: $65.97
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2 Way Radio Wristwatch, Orbitor Electronic Listening Device
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Driveway Patrol

Forever Flashlight


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