DDR GameDDR Dance Dance RevolutionDDR Dance Dance Revolution
Play and have fun! Lose weight! Makes for a great gift!

DDR,players dance on top of a sensor pad,following on-screen visual cues to the beat of a popular song. The object of the game is to match your movements with the arrow cues on the screen. There are many skill levels: from beginner to advanced. Anyone with a home gaming system,pc or television can play,regardless of their level of skill.

TV Dance Pad
Exercise can be Fun!

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)
is a video game that you can have fun and lose weight at the same time. Dance Dance Revolution games are so much fun people tend to play for hours without getting bored. The players forget that they are actually doing exercise when they are playing Dance Dance Revolution games. CNN news has written a detailed article about the healthy benefits of weight lost video game Dance Dance Revolution. With Dance Dance Revolution weight lost video games, you can bring your whole family closer together while having fun and getting healthier.

This new weight loss revolution has been advertised on many TV shows.
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Dance Dance Revolution players burn extra pounds.  designed for dance music.

Join the Dance Dance Revolution today!
One of the hottest video games in the arcade is dancing games, where players stand on a platform and dance their way through the game to music while following a pattern. It’s like a conventional video game, except that instead of a controller and your hands, you use a platform and your feet!
Now you can join the revolution and get in on the game in the comfort of your own home with the incredibly easy to set up and fun to play Dance Dance Revolution video game!

Dance dance revolution metal dance pad are the only dance pads that can give you the real arcade experience for home entertainment. This is a true arcade experience at home. The metal dance dance revolution dance pads are build with the actual arcade machine in mind.

Easy to set up, fun to play
Ever since it was first introduced into arcades in the late 1990s, dancing video games have become incredibly popular and fun to play. Now, you can play, dance and get your groove on to your favorite songs and the most challenging games around when you order your Dance Dance Revolution game today!
Arcade style dance games can cost you thousands of dollars – which just might be the amount you spend on quarters when you play them! But now, you can dance, play and enjoy a variety of dancing games in your home on your TV when you order your Dance Dance Revolution.
Be a part of the movement and order your
Dance Revolution game today!

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The DDR Dancing Game is very popular for all ages and it is found to be a fun way to lose weight.