Backyard Drills

Backyard Drills

Backyard Drills Football Edition is the ultimate solution to help you coach your kids in the fundamental skills,physical conditioning and character dependencies of this great game. This six hour,double DVD set contains training techniques,skills drills,nutritional strategies and character development sessions designed and conducted by NFL pros who serve as your personal Coaching Staff. Let Bill Parcells and the BYD Coaching Staff bring personalized professional instruction right into your own home,backyard or a local park.

Unlike other approaches that give you 45 or 60 minute tapes for $25 each,Backyard Drills offers an unmatched,2 DVD set that provides well over 6 hours of one-on-one instruction and a lifetime of memories and benefits for you and your young athlete. Let Bill Parcells and the BYD Team take you and your son through a series of position-specific sessions that provide you with 150 segments including 10 character sessions conducted by this all-star team that includes 16 NFL Hall of Famers and All Pros. Additionally,you will receive a FREE bonus session on nutrition and conditioning and a lighter look at this game America loves so much!

With over six and a half hours of material,Backyard Drills Football Edition is the ultimate tool to spend time with your kids as you work on the fundamentals of this great game. You will be empowered and enabled to easily coach your kid for success both on and off the field as you improve his physical skills,his physical conditioning,his competitive mindset,attitude,and character. The Skills and Character coaching teams include: Anthony Munoz,Cincinnati Bengals;TimBrown,Oakland Raiders,Tampa Bay Buccaneers;DarrylJohnston,Dallas Cowboys;EmmittSmith,Dallas Cowboys,Arizona Cardinals;TommyMaddox,Denver Broncos,LA Rams,New York Giants,Pittsburgh Steelers;MikeSingletary,Chicago Bears;CrisCarter,Philadelphia Eagles,Minnesota Vikings,Miami Dolphins;TrentDilfer Tampa Bay Buccaneers,Seattle Seahawks;FrankReich,Buffalo Bills,Detroit Lions,New York Jets;DonnieShell,Pittsburgh Steelers;PhilDawson,Cleveland Browns;DarrenWoodson,Dallas Cowboys;IrvingFryar,NE Patriots,Miami Dolphins Philadelphia Eagles,Washington Redskins;AeneasWilliams,St. Louis Rams,Arizona Cardinals;ChadHenning,Dallas Cowboys;DannyWuerffel,New Orleans Saints,Washington Redskins

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