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Dual-Drill, the timesaving drill and drive system, is the world’s first and only dual chuck cordless drill driver that lets you drill a hole and set a screw with one easy move. No hassling with cords or extensions and you'll never have to change a bit in the middle of a job ever again. With the Dual-Drill, all you do is grip and flip!

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Grip Go Hands Free

The GripGo Universal Hands-Free Mount lets you to keep your phone where you could glimpse at it. The ball and socket joint and also bending arm supply best adjustability to help your visibility of most angles on the road.

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Fast Brite Lens Restore

Fast Brite

Fast brite works fast as a lens restorer. The fastest lens rejuvenation kit ever. Get your headlights back to their showroom shine. Stop driving around with dual lenses which can limit your vision. Use fast brite to help you to see clearer.

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RotoMatic RotoMatic

It has the power to drill, the strength to grind, and the versatility to buff and polish. The RotoMatic even has the precision to etch and engrave with pinpoint accuracy. Cordless and rechargeable.

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Buy Wipe New As Seen On TV Wipe New Car Restorer

With Wipe New you can wipe the years away from your car! Get that new car shine with just one application. The as seen on tv car restorer.


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