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Thinking about purchasing a treadmill? Which brand should you go with NordicTrack,Weslo,Proform,Reebok,Healthrider,Weider,Gold 's Gym? I was and honestly it took me about a month to finally decide on one. There are so many different options and price ranges. There are inexpensive ones that start about $150 and the more expensive commercial treadmill priced at about $5000.

After doing my research I settled on a NordicTrack one that goes for around $1200. If this is something you believe you are really going to stick with and feel you will use regularly I recommend staying away for the low end price models.

The treadmill I ended up with has an incline of 12%. I recommend you get one that goes to at least 10%. The mph I bought goes to 12mph, this I would recommend at least 7mph. What else do you need to consider? I like the space saver models. You can just fold them up and put them against the wall. Be aware thou even folded they are still pretty bulky if you get one with a good size track.

The treadmill I got comes with ifit technology which I was a little skeptical about until I tried it. It is really awesome. You go online and answer some simple questions plug your computer or laptop into the treadmill that uses ifit and it automatically controls your exercise routine. Controls speeds and inclines. If you are new at exercising I highly recommend getting a treadmill with this feature. It is like having your own personal trainer.

I also came across a similar program to ifit which you can download and create your own workout routines for exercise equipment that is ifit compatible it is called i2workout. You can try the program for 30 days and if you want to register it is only about $30.

Use a treadmill to help you feel healthier, get in shape and to shed pounds and lose weight. I have tried many types of exercise machines and a treadmill by far is my favorite.

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