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Family Memories - Digital Photos - ScrapBooking Kit
Author: TK Healey

Family Memories - Digital Photos -
ScrapBooking With today 's technology there are so many ways you can preserve your family memories. For the past few years digital cameras have been a big hit when given as a gift. They have also come down in price. Think about all the money you save because you no longer have to buy film. I have a 1GB memory card which holds about 400 pictures. I love using my digital camera and I find that I take more pictures now. I like the feature I have where I can see the picture I took right away.

Now you have many choices as how to develop, print the film. You can
develop photos online at Walmart or other online service like Shutterfly. You can also print the pictures by yourself using a regular printer or for better quality I suggest a photo printer. You can also download the pictures to a cd or dvd and view on your computer or tv. You can also email your pictures to family members and friends. You can post your pictures online. I have a whole wall devoted to family pictures and many photo albums and pictures on cds.

Next what I would like to do is get into making scrapbooks. Scrapping book is a great way to relax and enjoy precious memories and make them even more meaningful by adding your own personal touches. If you are new at scrapbooking may I suggest you go to a scrapbooking party or do a search about it online to get some ideas. Online there are kits you can buy with all the material you need to get started. What a nice family activity this would make. Shut the tv off get the family together and all your photos and make your own personalized family books.

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