New Years Resolutions - Dieting - Nutrisystem Programs

New Years Resolutions - Dieting - Quit Smoking - Getting Out Of Debt  

by TK Healey

Okay it is almost that time of year again when we make those promises to ourselves and our loved ones. I know one of the main resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape.

We will be bombarded very soon with infomercial ads promising all kinds of diet programs and exercise equipment. These infomercials will promise to reshape your body and improve your health.

You will see diet ads designed for both men and women. You can have meals,snack and desserts delivered right to your door. Diets where you drink your meals and take nutritional pills. Which commercial will motivate you this year?

It is always amazing to see the health clubs packed the first week in January And then within a few weeks the attendance drastically goes down except for those die hard committed people. Good for you. I wish I had your dedication. With any luck if you are really committed this year you will be one of those who do stick to their New Years Resolution. I am hoping this year to stay committed. Get in shape, eat healthy and appreciate more my family and friends.

What are some other top resolutions? How about quit smoking? When cigarettes first came out how come it was not realized right from the start how bad they were for you. Inhaling smoke??? It took years before they put the warnings of lung cancer on the packages. If this is one of your resolutions I wish you the best. It is a very tough addiction to break. But at least now days there are a ton of ways to help you kick your habit. You have to find what works for you and go for it. Good luck!

How about getting out of debt? Wouldn 't everyone want to do this? Not having enough money to pay your bills is an awful feeling. You do have to be careful of those get rich quick schemes. Work hard and do your best. Ask yourself this when you buy something, "Do I really need this? Or do I just want it?" I know, easier said then done.

Well what ever your resolution is I hope you are able to follow through and I am sure going to give it a valiant effort myself

Have a Great New Year!!!

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New Years Resolutions - Dieting - Nutrisystem Programs